Online Marketing

The rising star in the world of marketing is online. The web continues to explode and along with it so do the advertising opportunities. Billions and billions more advertising dollars are spent every year online, as business try to find ways to tap into the Internet user. The most common types of Online Marketing include:

Pay Per Click – bidding on search terms and having the business’ ads appear when the relevant keywords are searched for in Google and Yahoo!

Banner Advertising – creating a graphic advertisement and placing it on relevant websites. The ad then takes customers directly to the advertiser’s website.

žEmail Marketing – Using lists of email addresses to deliver content and promotional offers to potential customers.

Organic Search – Using search engine optimization (SEO) to rank high on Google and Yahoo! in your given area of business. This is achieved by manipulating the copy on a website and in the HTML code that forms the backbone of the web pages.

It is worth nothing that many businesses are abandoning the more traditional, print forms of marketing in favor of reaching out to the online world. As print and direct mail see their numbers decline, more and more businesses are choosing the cost effective, highly targeted marketing options found online

SOCIAL MEDIA plays an important role.Our main aim is to ensure your brand, products and services appear online in high quality.The company doesn’t need to focus 100% on branding as STARBUCKS is already well known among masses so we can give full attention to their new upcoming product so to start with we could make Facebook/Twitter our testing ground as we don’t need to spend money on a big marketing staff, a huge budget, a PR agency, an elaborate press event at a big hotel with food and drinks.Comments on these social networking sites spreads like wild fire and also through word of mouth.Once the “announcement” has been spread it is up to the product to stand on its own and win the hearts and minds of users.


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