Brazil – Do you have a good product, idea and/or business model?

Dear Friends,

My name is Jose Damigo, and my company OPPBrasil Consulting, is searching startups and innovative ideas to run out here, exploring our market timing for infra structure, technology and consumer goods niches. We are experimenting a special cycle of development, and who knows could be a good moment to meet us with a great project in hand?

Our company is envolved mainly on M&A approaches, and we are specialized in family owned businesses. Add value, take investments, go-to-market, and growth strategies based on alliances and partnerships, are our obcession and competitive advantage.

Well, if you have a good idea, product and/or business model, feel free to contact us on, or

We’ll a great pleasure to know your plans.

Success for all!

Best regards,

José Damigo

Escusame, mas mi espanol es mui malo. Mi compreension en su idioma es perfecto. Solo no puedo responder con la misma fluencia. Se preferes, manda-me su mensage en espanol, que yo tere lo mismo plazer en receber-la. Gracias



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